Igniting Tradition–Campagna’s Il Fucanoli Fire Festival

Every winter, the enchanting town of Campagna, Italy, hosts its annual winter fire festival event known as “Il Fucanoli”. Find out about this must-see, and unique winter event! 

Casting a warm glow over the streets of Campagna and Illuminating the winter evening, Il Fucanoli is a celebration of traditional folklore and modern-day community. This party-like atmosphere brings together Campagna’s residents and visitors in an evening of celebration around the many bonfires throughout the town’s streets. There are processions, music, and, in true Italian style, delicious and plentiful local cuisine.

The History of Il Fucanoli

Il Fucanoli has been a part of Campagna’s history for centuries. The festival is said to have originated as a ritual to ward off evil spirits, ushering in blessings for the upcoming year. It is linked to the celebrations on January 17th in honor of Sant’Antonio Abate – a miracle-working saint known for his protection of animals as well as against terrible diseases.

The fires, known as”fucanoli”, symbolize this protection, and the town constructs these large bonfires at various locations in the main streets and historic center. A procession of Sant’Antonio Abate begins as the fires are lit to exorcize evil and bring good fortune. The fire represents the purification of the soul from sin, the liberation of the soul from demonic possession, and the flame of hell to which Sant’Antonio went to recover damned souls.

When is the Fire Festival Held?

Il Fucanoli is traditionally celebrated to coincide with Saint’s Day on 17th January or as near to it as possible. Typically lasting a couple of days, various events occur throughout the town, allowing visitors to explore significant historical locations and museums, which often open late during the event. Once the festival ends, another soon starts with the closing of Il Fucanoli, also signalling the beginning of the run-up to Carnival, which brings a riot of color and more reasons to celebrate!

Festival Highlights

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this festival with the colorful processions and parades that wind through the cobbled streets of Campagna. There will be traditional costumes and music alongside contemporary musicians and bustling market stalls displaying the talents of the local artisans and their expertly made hand-crafted souvenirs. Street performers entertain the crowds, so don’t forget your camera!

As one would expect in Italy, food is exceptionally high on the agenda, and the fire festival is no exception. Stalls line the streets where local eateries display their mouthwatering local delicacies. Enjoy delicious and hearty winter dishes and homemade pizza and pasta that will leave you salivating for more, followed by traditional and irresistible sweet pastries that will derail any New Year’s diet resolutions.


Il Fucanoli offers a glimpse into the beating heart and warm hospitality of this magical town, known as the city of fire and water, and the fire festival promises an unforgettable experience to not only taste the exquisite dishes famous in the area but also to explore the incredible history, and feel the warm local hospitality first-hand. You may arrive as a visitor, but you’ll most definitely leave as a friend. That’s the magic of Campagna!

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