Making a Splash This Summer in Campagna at the A Chiena Water Festival

A Chiena Water Festival places Campagna firmly on the map every summer with its vibrant and fun celebrations. Read why people travel from afar for this colorful festival in the heart of Southern Italy.

If you want a unique and unforgettable experience, mark your calendars for the Chiena Water Festival in Campagna, Salerno. This fascinating event perfectly blends culture, tradition, festivity, and the enchanting Italian spirit. Let’s dive in and explore what makes this festival an absolute must-visit destination this year.

A Chiena Events 2023

The Chiena Water Festival is an annual summer event held in Campagna, Salerno.

Each Saturday and Sunday from Sunday 16th July until Wednesday 16th August, the ‘A Chiena Water Festival’ delights locals and visitors alike and culminates in the Midnight Chiena, which, as the name suggests, ends with a grand finale at midnight on the last night.

Exploding into Color on 6th August

Inspired by the Indian colorful festival called Holi, Campagna celebrates its own “War of Colors”, where eco-friendly, natural and non-toxic colored powders are thrown into the air creating a kaleidoscope of bright colors and adding to the rainbow of brightly colored clothing and buckets. One for the photo album!

The Bucket Event

Each Sunday from 16th July to 16th August@ 3:30pm.

Armed with a brightly colored bucket, you join the festivities and cool down by throwing buckets of water at each other. Dress to get soaked!

The Walk

Saturdays @ 3 pm and Sundays @ noon until 16th August.

Explore Campagna town during these times without fear of getting soaked. The buckets are safely stored away while the small stream of water passes underfoot.

Midnight on the 16th is the finale, “A Chiena di Mezzanotte”.

The War of The Colors

  • Sunday 6th August – 10 am – midday: War of Colors
  • Noon – 1 pm: The Walk
  • 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm: “Holi Party”
  • 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm: Water buckets at the ready!



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The War of Colors Day is a ticketed event, and the entrance fee of €7 per ticket applies. The ticket price includes a guided tour of the town’s Museum of Memory, which is open on Saturday and Sunday.

What to Expect at ‘A Chiena’ in Campagna

A perfect respite from the summer heat, expect fun-filled weekends filled with a riot of colors and joyous laughter. Cooling buckets of water are scooped up from the purposely flooded streets where the diverted Tenza river course runs freely through the town’s ancient streets, making it an extraordinary summer celebration.



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The Chiena Water Festival offers an experience like no other, where you can’t help but join in the festival’s vibrant atmosphere. Live in the moment and embrace this fun event by joining the locals in their playful water battles armed with buckets and dressed in bright clothes. Expect to get wet during the times when buckets are available!

During this festival, visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of the town and nearby valleys, with local events and guided tours taking place. It is a vibrant time to visit this pretty mountain village of Campagna, Salerno.

Tip: If you’re keen on capturing the moment, ensure you’re ready by waterproofing your camera or phone, and don’t forget to wear waterproof, non-slip shoes that are not loose!

The History of the Festival

The Chiena Water Festival is deep-rooted in culture and tradition dating back centuries. The tradition began way back in the 1600s and was more of a necessity to keep the streets clean during the hot summer. Nowadays, the not-needed measure has evolved over time into a vibrant and joyous event that has been running since 1982.


A Town in Italy with colored buildings* green mountain behind & river running through town below

The partial diversion of the River Tenza passes through the town. It is then diverted back through a unique canal upstream and reintroduced back through a special manhole to the riverbed, ensuring no water wastage.

The Chiena Water Festival has kept alive the profound connection with the history and heritage of this stunning region. Discover the essence of Italy as you relish in mouthwatering regional dishes, sip on exquisite local wines, and learn about age-old traditions that have shaped the community in this beautiful gem of Southern Italy. Campagna is an exquisite location with abundant nearby hiking trails and stunning countryside. Read about Palazzo Maratea – The Pinelli Group’s fully-serviced and elegant apartments in the heart of this Italian gem.

How to Get There

Joining in the fun of the Chiena Water Festival is relatively easy, with Campagna located under one hour from the nearest international airport of Naples (NAP). From the airport, you can either rent a car to enjoy a scenic drive through the beautiful Italian countryside or head to Naples Centrale train station for a direct train of approximately 50 minutes to the nearest station of Eboli or Battipaglia ( a short taxi away from Campagna), guaranteeing you stunning scenery on this short but delightful journey.

The Chiena Water Festival in Campagna, Salerno, is a magical event, so prepare to be enchanted by the rich history, exuberant festivities, and welcoming locals. Whether you come with friends or family or on a solo adventure, this experience will stay etched in your heart forever. So pack your bags, grab your swimwear, and get ready to dive into joy – the Chiena Water Festival awaits!

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