NHL Stenden University Invites Nigel Carley as Esteemed Guest Lecturer

Nigel Carley offers NHL Stenden University students an exclusive glimpse at The Pinelli Group and sustainable accommodation, sharing his invaluable business insights.

Netherlands—Wednesday, March 27th 2024, Nigel Carley, founder of The Pinelli Group, was invited to lecture to a group of students studying the Hotel Management School’s Alternative Accommodation in Italy and Beyond course to share his invaluable insights and experience.

This Academic Minor allows students to explore setting up and managing small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in sectors like B&Bs, agritourism, and innovative hospitality models, with an emphasis on sustainability and socio-economic impacts.

The curriculum incorporates practical seminars and insights from industry experts, enriching the learning experience. This approach ensures that students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also learn how to apply it in real-world scenarios. Interactive methods and field trips further enhance their understanding, preparing them for careers in this dynamic sector.

Guest Lecturer

Invited to speak online by Maria Chiara Fabbri, guest lecturer at Hospitality Management School – NHL Stenden University, Nigel Carley shared his unique insights and strategies for growing a business in the tourism/hospitality sector. He emphasised the importance of research, analysis, due diligence, sustainable development, and passion.

The students heard the importance of accurate research, and Mr. Carley emphasized the significance of conducting thorough research on potential destinations before establishing a business. This research includes understanding various aspects such as politics, demographics, topography, climate, people, culture, and infrastructure.

“I am honored to have been invited to lecture on a subject I am passionate about. I hope that by sharing the principles I have applied to build my business, I can offer insight into students looking to start a business in this growing market of sustainable accommodation in Italy, which seeks to deliver incredible experiences to people looking to buy a slice of their Italian dream,” said Nigel Carley.

Sustainable Development

With sustainability forming a significant part of the course, Mr Carley’s presentation also introduced the students to the fractional ownership model, highlighting its successful implementation within The Pinelli Group. Nigel explained how the Pinelli Group combines the fractional ownership model with property development, meticulously restoring old buildings into beautiful luxury homes. Through a careful and conservative architectural process, Mr. Carley and his business partners identify buildings suitable for a restoration project, bringing them back to life.

“Without initiatives like those of The Pinelli Group, these buildings may have remained neglected and forever abandoned,” explained Maria Chiara Fabbri.

old ruin of a stone house
Casa Tramonto pre-restoration

This approach aligns with the concept of sustainability, which forms a vital part of this course. Sustainability, in this context, involves giving new life to existing assets (e.g., old buildings), thereby preventing unnecessary and excessive use of cement. By leveraging preexisting conditions, such as unused assets and infrastructure, initiatives like The Pinelli Group contribute to sustainable development while fostering economic growth and revitalizing communities.

Stone house with 6 shuttered windows in front of swimming pool
The exquisitely restored Casa Tramonto

The Pinelli Group serves as a model for responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship in the tourism and real estate sectors through innovative models like fractional ownership and a commitment to restoring old buildings.

“The restoration process reuses over 90% of waste building material, reducing the removal of materials to waste sites. Along with the use of energy-efficient services, such as solar power, air-source heat pumps, and the latest LED lighting technology, we are continually seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact,” explains Nigel.


The Pinelli Group

Founded in 2017 by  Nigel Carley and his wife Dawn, The Pinelli Group specializes in fractional ownership of exclusive properties. From exquisite refurbishments of Italian historical gems in sought-after European locations, The Pinelli Group offers luxury living, attracting those seeking to own a beautiful Italian home with exceptional property management as standard. Offering a structured fractional share of a UK Limited Liability Company, which owns the property, prospective buyers can purchase a deeded share of their dream home for a lot less than the cost of whole real estate.

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