Nigel and Dawn Carley’s love affair with Italy began long before it became home. In fact, Nigel began visiting Northern Italy over 40 years ago during his long and successful career with Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo.

Although, ultimately, it was the beguiling charm of Southern Italy that ended up capturing their hearts. The British couple exchanged wedding vows in a private chapel of the Belmonte family in Santa Maria di Castellabate, located along the mesmerizing Cilento coast, reaffirming the beginning of their Italian dream.

The couple are now firm ambassadors to the local area since their initial visit upon setting off from the UK in search of their ‘forever’ home. Stopping in Campania on the advice of a friend, they woke up, throwing open the shutters of the agriturismo where they were staying, and were instantly mesmerized by the beauty of this Italian jewel. Since this moment, they have discovered that Campania encapsulates all that Italy offers – in one region: mountains, valleys, rivers, beautiful coastlines, and of course the food, along with some of the friendliest and most generous people you are likely to meet.

Nigel Carley & Dawn Doory


The Pinelli Group

The couple felt compelled to share the ‘authentic’ Italy they had discovered with like-minded individuals. And with a lifetime of experience between the duo involving property development, investment, and interior design knowledge, in 2017, The Pinelli Group was born. Nigel and Dawn embarked upon a path to bring luxurious properties to an audience desiring an opportunity to own a slice of a hassle-free high-end vacation home in an area rich in natural beauty and close to the region’s historical wonders and yet far enough away from the over-saturated tourist trails of Italy’s most-visited locations. 

Economic sense

It was upon the purchase of a dilapidated farmhouse on an estate high up in the Campanian hills that Nigel and Dawn saw the huge potential that this meticulous restoration could bring to a group of like-minded owners through co-ownership.

Why pay and invest a large portion of your money into a property that you will realistically only visit for a maximum of 4-5 weeks a year? 


Campania has not only become Nigel & Dawn’s home but is also a destination that will continue to steal the hearts of visitors with its eternal beauty.

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