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Every property is meticulously planned and built to the highest quality from concept to finish. Whether it’s the painstaking restoration of a traditional farmhouse or the contemporary construction of a modern villa, The Pinelli Group aims to sympathetically construct and enhance the Pinelli Private Residences with local materials creating exceptional, ambient, living spaces inside and out.

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Nigel and Dawn Carley’s love affair with Italy began long before it became home. In fact, Nigel began visiting Northern Italy over 40 years ago during his long and successful career with Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo. Although, it was Southern Italy that ultimately captured their hearts. 

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Feel part of the local community. When you purchase your fractional ownership property through The Pinelli Group, you’re not only buying into your dream property, but you get to immerse yourself in the local community.

Feel at home and experience the warm local hospitality every time you visit. The purchase of a fraction of your vacation home means that you can enjoy the economic sense that co-owning your second home affords. You get to vacation with your family for the time you require every year, and the property is never standing empty, benefitting the local community and businesses.

Every visit will become a discovery of new experiences and local areas awaiting exploration. That’s the beauty of owning a slice of Italy. The familiarity of your home-from-home provides the ideal location from which to make new memories for years to come.

At the forefront of every property which The Pinelli Group builds or restores is the commitment to a low carbon footprint. Every time we embark upon a new project, we ensure that we meet the stringent A+ energy efficiency standards put in place.

We observed zero off-site waste during the restoration of Il Rifugio and 100% recycling of building materials from original stone to chestnut beams. LED lighting throughout our properties maintains energy efficiency.

Outside the properties, we include septic tanks that rely solely on natural processes, and air-source heat pumps to heat the swimming pools, with a shift to chemical-free saline swimming pool water. There is a natural well water supply on The Pinelli Estate with organically-grown fruit & vegetables within the grounds, including olives, grapes, lemons, mandarins, a variety of nuts, and newly discovered truffles.

Further sustainability measures from The Pinelli Group include the employment of local specialists and the promotion of local ‘slow food’ through Pinelli Private Dining.

There is one thing in common with all The Pinelli Group properties, whether a refurbished farmhouse or a contemporary new build, and that’s the high quality of the sourced materials and furnishings.

We offer our discerning clients vacation homes to be proud of. Sourcing high-quality and local materials (where possible), our high-end properties ooze Italian style and charm for years to come.

The best materials and high-quality fixtures and fittings will stand the test of time and look as stunning in ten years as they do today.

Individual hand-picked pieces of antique furniture sit side by side with exquisite Persian rugs and gilded mirrors, transforming the properties into next-level luxury, each with its individual charm and character.

Property purchase is an important investment and one which we hope to last us throughout our lifetime and pass down to future generations. The purchase of a luxury fractional ownership property is no exception.

With a successful track record of renovating and building exceptional properties, The Pinelli Group understands the importance of quality. We seek to continually deliver our clients high-end, high-quality-built vacation homes that can be shared with family and friends and be used for years to come.

Built from quality and durable materials, with sumptuous furnishings and intelligent systems, you can purchase safely in the knowledge that you can enjoy your luxury second home for a lifetime.

Property management services keep the space pristine and maintained, further extending the life of the property, and eliminating outright second home ownership hassles allowing you to enjoy your stress-free property every time you visit.

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…acres of vines and olive trees, its wonderful…glorious views across the National Park…
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Il Rifugio means ‘the retreat’ in Italian, and the history of this lovingly restored, 300-year-old farmhouse is easy to spot. From walls built of local stone to terracotta roof tiles, this magnificent four-bedroom villa is a getaway with character. Although regular guests can rent the estate for weeks at a time, Carley is looking to share Il Rifugio on a more permanent basis. “We’ve decided to offer fractional ownership of the property, with 10% shares in the company that owns Il Rifugio,” he says. “One share buys you a slice of paradise for five weeks a year, and you can use a two-week continuous block and three separate weeks when you like.”
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Today, decked out with lavish antiques, grand chandeliers and lashings of gilt it is hard to imagine Il Rifugio as a humble (and towards the end somewhat neglected) working farmhouse. Having spent 10 decades within the same local family it has plenty of history within its burly limestone walls. Dolce Vita…that’s not a bad way of doing it.
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The chance to savour the Amalfi Coast by sea is normally the preserve of the super-rich and famous – until now. The Pinelli Estate, a luxurious four-bedroom villa, 60 miles south of Naples, offers visitors exclusive access to their own custom-made motor yacht.

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